How to Get Dribbble App And Access Token?

How to register new Dribbble App?

  1. Go to and login if you are not logged in into dribbble.
  2. Click on  Register a new application button.
  3. Enter App name e.g “Social Stream App”. Enter URL of your website in Website URL & Callback URL
  4. Accept terms and conditions and click on the button Register Application.
  5. Once the application created, visit on this link here you can see the newly created app.
  6. Click on the newly created app you can find out the Client ID and Client Secret below in the page.
  7. Copy Client ID and Client Secret and paste it on your Social Streams Designer Plugin’s page in admin panel.

How to get Access Token?

Using Postman was the easiest way I found to do this, so download and install that first.


    1. Open a browser window and log into your Dribbble account.
    2. In a new window, go to the following url:
      (Replace CLIENT_ID with the long Client ID number provided when you registered your application)
    3. A Authorization Screen will appear with the name of the application you registered, choose to Authorize your application
      After authorizing, you will be redirected to a URL that looks similar to this:

Get the Token

  1. Using Postman, create a new Request
  2. Select POST, and enter the following URL:
  3. Replace the CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_SECRET with the ID and Secret provided by Dribbble after successfully registering your app
  4. Replace the COPIED_CODE with the code you just copied from the callback URL page
  5. Hit Send, and your Access Token will be returned, mine looked like this: