How To Get Twitter Access keys And Consumer keys?

To get your own “Consumer Key“, “Consumer Secret Key“, “Access Token” and “Access Token Secret Key” you can follow these steps

How to Create an App?

  1. Go to and Log in
  2. Register as a developer. After register as a developer, you are able to create your own app.
  3. Enter any Application Name e.g.Social Streams Designer ”, Description and your website address. You can leave the callback URL empty.
  4. Accept the agreement and Create your Twitter Application.

How to Get keys?

  1. On your newly created Twitter application page go to the tab Keys and Access Tokens.
  2. Under the Application Settings, find and copy your Consumer Key, Consumer Secret Key, Access Token Key and Access Token Secret Key
  3. Paste all the keys in the corresponding fields on the page of your Social Streams Designer plugin in the admin panel.