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Use Instagram To Drive Traffic On WordPress Blog

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After developing a blog on your website, it is really important for you to get traffic or more readers on your blog. Instagram is the most eminent platform in the world nowadays. Indeed, it will help you to raise your brand popularity around the globe. There are more than 500 million active users that are using Instagram on a daily basis.

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In this article we will explain how you can drive traffic from Instagram to your WordPress blog.

So, let’s explore the list now.

1. Use Social Stream Designer Plugin On Website

The Social Stream Designer is an amazing WordPress plugin that permits you to integrate your social media feed on your WordPress website from different social media platforms. Moreover, it gives you a wonderful responsive wall on your WordPress website or blog in a few minutes.

Social Stream Designer
Furthermore, it also supports 14 increasing social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Flickr, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Vimeo, RSS, WordPress, Dribbble, Foursquare, SoundCloud and many more.

In addition to this, this social stream plugin provides 6 most powerful layout styles such as Grid, List, Masonry, Horizontal Slider, Vertical Slider as well as Timeline to create an attractive social media feed on your website. Apart from this, the plugin provides different customization options for new designs and styles. And, there are 40+ options available to customize your website.

2. Discover, Follow And Engage on Instagram Platform

You can do a little bit of research and discover related bloggers on your website, we are sure that you are already following some established bloggers on your website. Moreover, you can go there and follow them on Instagram as well, because it will generally give you an understanding of what you can post.

In addition to this, you can go through their profile title, description, rich keywords, posts, and most importantly the hashtags they used with their Instagram posts. As you can also add your post according to that and get more traffic.

3. Use Your Instagram Bio and Hashtags for a Call to Action

Generally, the bio is the most important thing on the Instagram platform. First of all, input your WordPress blog as the main website link on your Instagram profile. It is just a clickable link you will get on your whole Instagram profile. The Instagram profile provides a way of customization options. Not just enhancing your Instagram bio leaves space for required keywords for search engine optimization (SEO), it can act as a profile and advertising call to action to your blog website.

Furthermore, you can use the link to direct to your blog homepage, or to a particular post, that is suggested if you want to promote your latest or most eminent post. In addition to this, you can insert a call to action phrase in your bio that curious your visitors to click the link to visit your blog. For highlighting your Instagram link and call to action phrase, insert emojis, or particular characters to draw your visitor’s eye. Ultimately, it helps you to get more and more traffic to your blog post using a call to action.

4. Post Valuable Excerpts from Every Entry

Highlight main profile insights
For Instagram, feed posts are like inserting text to an image and placing it into your scheduled queue. Along with that, the full blog title will be mentioned in the caption and a call to action phrase to click the link in your bio. Most importantly, make sure you save these story posts as a Highlights on your main profile whenever you are complete with it and keep them accessible to everyone for 1 day.

You can also make visitors more curious using valuable excerpts to share your stories and post with other people.

5. Work Together With Other Bloggers In Your Niche

It really helps you to drive wider traffic if you work with another blog. Moreover, you can monitor bloggers who repost the other bloggers’ posts as well as you can repost it in the hope you can get benefits out of that. However, do not remove the repost you have made only because they did not return your favor. Generally, it will reflect you as unprofessional in front of your followers.

Whenever you are trying to collaborate with the other bloggers, do not appeal to bloggers with a number of followers. You can take advantage of their followers but it will not work vice versa. Perhaps, there are more chances to reject your proposal. For instance, if you have followers around eight to nine thousand, then request bloggers with the same following not bloggers with forty to sixty thousand followers.

6. Develop Blog Visuals for Social Media

Whenever you are developing a blog post make sure it is easy to understand and eye-catching to your social media followers. In addition to this, to expand your Instagram posts as well as marketing your blog post in a unique way in which you do not just engage sharing excerpts but also repurpose blog visuals for use of social media.

Normally, you can choose the highlight or header photo at the top and reconfigure it for Instagram post. The strong appearance boosts the message the blog is trying to communicate, helps break up the text for easier reading, and drive more traffic from Instagram.

7. Arrange Your Instagram Posts Time

We will recommend you to post at least one time daily to make your followers engaged with you on Instagram. And that is the main reason Instagram posts scheduling is really important. Moreover, more than one post in a day sometimes makes followers feel uninteresting.

In addition to this, post scheduling in advance only helps you to save time but also it decreases the stress on you in the long term. Furthermore, you can schedule your posts in advance so you can concentrate more on creating content compared to dividing your post every day. It really helps you in the long team and makes it easier and quicker to post on Instagram.

8. Build Video to Display Your Best Insights

Instagram videos develop approx 3x more comments compared to Instagram photo posts. Moreover, for making amazing Instagram videos, you can utilize your enough time and resources. You can showcase wonder videos in the Instagram post and Instagram stories.

However, do not panic if your videos can not be more liked by your audience. But, next time trying to make it more effective for them. You can collect some of the best content you have on your blog website and then prepare the script for a video. It is a great method for gathering the same blog posts together and developing powerful videos on your Instagram platform.

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9. Join Instagram Engagement Groups Or Posts

The most engaging group related to your business is really important for you to join. Because it will help you to drive traffic from Instagram post. Moreover, for groups, you can search on various search engines such as Google, Bing, and many more. And you can get a list of active engagement groups on the Instagram platform.

The engagement groups are a group of people such as bloggers, marketers, and business owners who would “like” and “comment” on other member’s posts to exchange likes and comments on their Instagram posts. Using this strategy you can boost the engagement on your own Instagram posts or stories.

10. Develop Instagram Campaign Schedule

Scheduling an Instagram campaign is your priority before putting out any kind of content. The biggest advantage of that lets you enlarge the promotion time every Instagram post. In addition to this, to make the process smoother, spend on the correct tools that help you to develop your Instagram campaign schedule.

It will provide bulk scheduling as well as quick reviews. A proper scheduling Instagram campaign helps you to save time while you prepare for your post or story.

11. Move To An Instagram Business Account

Instagram for business
After upgrading to a business account you will be able to insert a phone number, email address, as well as address on your Instagram account. In addition to this, moving to the business account on Instagram is easy and free of cost but you just need a Facebook page for it to integrate with.

Moreover, you will have access to Instagram Insights in which you can grasp more about your followers. Apart from this, you can also know how your posts are exhibiting and how much your followers are engaging with your posts. It will really help you to gain more organic traffic.

12. Integrate Link To Your Amazing Website

Last but not least, if you have an amazingly designed landing page for your Instagram followers, then insert this thing on your profile. In addition to this, Instagram permits you to insert a link to your website only in your profile section. That is the reason you can use it perfectly. However, other links in the bio, as well as the comments section, do not work on the Instagram platform.

Final Thought!

In this article, we explain some important tips that help you to gain more traffic towards your WordPress website blog post from the Instagram platform. Moreover, you can try these above strategies for one time to get an appropriate result that you want after posting your blog. We hope this article helps you to boost the traffic and increase the followers on your Instagram account.

Still, if you have any doubts regarding these useful strategies to drive traffic from Instagram on your blog, then feel free to contact us or let us know about it. We are always happy to help you out.

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