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Best Social Media Feed WordPress Plugins [Increase Your Followers]

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According to recent statistics, users spend an average of 3 hours out of every day on social networks. It plays a crucial role and one of the main factors to bring traffic to your website. Bringing all the social network posts together on one page, easier with the help of WordPress social media feed plugins.

If you’re looking to add the social media posts together to an online site. Then, WordPress gives lots of fantastic and useful social media feed plugins available to choose from. For Integrating social media feeds we’ve put together well-developed social media feed plugins. So, pick the suitable one for your site.

1. Social Stream Designer

Create a stunning social media feed on your website using Social Stream Designer WordPress plugin. The plugin allows you to create an awesome wall that contains all your social media posts collectively. This plugin supports around 14 social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, Flickr, RSS, and many more. It includes 40+ options in layout settings that make your feed more engaging.

In addition, it includes social sharing buttons, filtration, load more button styles, and so on. This plugin includes 6 layouts that showcase the social network feed visually appealing. It provides great customization options of styles and designs. An outstanding plugin to embed the social media feed.

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2. Walls.io

Walls.io is another popular plugin for embedding social media on the online website easily. Using this plugin, you can aggregate the content from multiple social media platforms. The Wall.io plugin’s styling editor helps to design the showcase of your feed attractively. Moreover, it has a powerful moderation tool that is able to remove spam and repeated content from your showcase.

A user can easily create a free wall while embedding the popular feeds from social media channels on your blog page or post. The plugin contains multiple features such as social commerce, advertising page with ROI, Gutenberg editor, and so on. Get more details about the product with its demo.

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3. Smash Balloon Social Post Feed

Smash Balloon is most popular and contains 200000+ active installs on the WordPress repository. It is a completely generous and super customizable GDPR compliant plugin. This plugin leads you to embed the Facebook page posts or group posts to the WordPress site.

Moreover, this plugin includes a built-in caching feature that is able to load the post-fast. It comes with an official Facebook like box widget at the top or bottom of the post to increase engagement from the visitors. Using this plugin, you can display the Facebook posts as suitable to the website. This plugin has a PRO version with the more essential features.

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4.Flow Flow

Flow Flow is another amazing plugin that creates and style the social media feeds in beautiful layouts to embed in online sites. This plugin supports 12 social media feed sources with 40+ different feed types. It contains a stunning lightbox that gives a fantastic look with attractive animations.

It provides great customization and lots of features such as seamless API connection, social sharing buttons, smart server caching, lightbox galleries, translation ready, video support, etc. Moreover, this plugin has pre-moderate feeds that protect your brand, service from duplication, trolls, and spam posts. A popular feed plugin!

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5. AX Social Stream

AX Social Stream gives an ideal solution to showcase social media feed in 8 different layouts. This plugin supports 15 social networks and includes 29 feed options. With this, you are able to add social media feeds to a post or page, as a widget, etc on a WordPress site.

It is easy to install a plugin for the newbie with detailed documentation. This plugin is perfectly fit for embedding social posts to the WordPress website. It features to display social posts in a lightbox effect that creates eye-catchy for visitors.

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6. Twitter Feed

Twitter Feed, as its name suggests, is a plugin that helps you embed the Twitter posts on the WordPress website. There are 4 different ways which are WordPress Shortcode, WordPress Gutenberg editor, Native WordPress widget, and the last one is via Visual Composer.

Using this Elfsignt Twitter plugin, you can embed your own Twitter feed with the header and action buttons as well as collections of tweets using hashtags. The embedding the Twitter posts that are able to enhance the followers & traffic to your website.

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7. AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro

AccessPress presents an Instagram Feed pro plugin that leads you to embed the Instagram posts with 9 pre-designed templates. A user can showcase Instagram posts by any user timeline, popular feeds, any users, and trending hashtags.

This plugin contains 6 different lightbox effects, image sorting options, 10+ advanced hover animations, etc. Also, it is available to use a shortcode or widget to display the Instagram feed attractively. It is an amazing plugin that is able to embed the feed in your blog, post, and as well as sidebar.

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8. 10Web Social Photo Feed

10Web Social Photo Feed is a free plugin to embed social feeds easily. This plugin is able to embed Instagram posts that can be used by any bloggers, photographers, food blogs, etc. This plugin is responsive & scales perfectly for all screen devices.

It has certain layouts such as thumbnail, image browser, etc. It features a powerful lightbox, HTML video, scroll and paginations, and so on. A great free plugin for embedding feeds.

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9. Feed Them Social

Feed Them Social plugin supports Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram, and youtube videos to embed the feeds on the online site. It is a free and user-friendly plugin. A user can embed unlimited feeds using this plugin. Using this plugin, a user can quickly integrate the feeds with the help of shortcodes. Moreover, it also includes the Like and follows buttons below the embedding feeds to get votes from the visitors.

It is available in the Pro Version with the extended feature functionalities.

The plugin also provides share options for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube Feeds.
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Final Thought!

We hope this article helps you to find the best WordPress social media feed plugins for your website. This plugin supports you to fulfill your social media requirements to get success and make your brand well-known and reach more online users.

If you have any questions regarding these above-explained social media plugins or have any useful solution then, please let us know in the comment section below.

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