Effective Ways To Integrate Social Media

Effective Ways To Integrate Social Media On Your Website

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For any type of online business, social media changed the way of marketing and purchasing. Nowadays, 3.8 million active social media users approximately all over the globe in 2020. And the number has increased by more than 9 percent compared to the past year. And, it will be increasing significantly in today’s era.

Why is Social Media Integration essential for your website?

Social media integration is important because it provides a smooth and fast way to connect users with your brand or business on their favored channels. It will boost your conversation rates and as a result increase in sales on your website.

Furthermore, you can explore your audience’s social behavior. It helps you to enhance the business reputation and brand image using social media conversation.

Social media integration is becoming an integral part of online websites. Moreover, it is a very demanding approach to online businesses nowadays. It is an important part to establish your brand on social media because there are lots of people who will know about your brand or business through it. Here in this article, we will explain 6 powerful ways to integrate social media on your website.

So, without any hassle, let’s start.


1. Integrate “Social Stream Designer Plugin” On Product Pages

Integrating Social Stream Designer Plugin on your website is important for your social media marketing. Moreover, this plugin permits you to integrate your social media feed on your website. It supports 14 growing social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, RSS, WordPress, Dribbble, Foursquare, SoundCloud, and many more.
Social Stream Designer
The most important thing about this plugin is that you can merge all your social media feeds into one social network feed with a distinct design. You do not need to remember any coding part for this, you just need to add the social stream designer plugin on your website.

This wonderful plugin supports 6 most popular layout styles like a Grid, List, Horizontal Slider, Vertical Slider, and Masonry to develop an eye-catching social media feed on your website. It also gives a 40+ customization option for designing and styling your website.

2. Permit Individuals to Use Social Media to SignIn On Your Website

The other essential way is to allow people to use their social media account to sign on your website. It is really helpful to know about the user’s interests.

My Account
However, sign in also raise the bounce rate on your website. So, if you think it will get benefits then only develop it on your website. Although, it will not gain a clear value to the website visitors then better to avoid this step on your website.

Furthermore, in the case, if you require to insert a sign-in feature into your website, then you can use Instagram and Facebook accounts to permit your visitors to sign-in automatically using Instagram and Facebook accounts respectively.

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3. Use Social Media Sharing Buttons On Web Pages

Using Social Media Sharing buttons you can get more traffic to your website. Like content creation is a really crucial part of the website especially for the blog content. So, the social sharing button on each page really helps you worth your content creation hard work.

For instance, on our Solwin Infotech website, we also showcase various social media buttons at the end of each blog page. And, it really helps us to boost the traffic.

social media sharing buttons
Generally, it helps your website visitors to share your amazing content with their family members, friends, and other social media followers using a social sharing button on the blog and product web pages.

Tip – You can use these social sharing buttons at the bottom or footer on the various web pages of your website.

4. Make Straightforward For Users To Follow You On Social Media

Normally, people are not likely to visit your website each day, but without a doubt, they are checking their social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram on a daily basis. Just integration of social media is not enough for you! You have to also connect your wonderful website to your social media profile.

Generally, people like to check their social media account at least once in a day. If you run your website on the WordPress platform, then it is easier for you to encourage your users to follow your social media accounts.

5. Showcase Social Media Video

Indeed, it is true that the video is more convincing to the visitors. Moreover, the new Animoto survey shows that videos have a positive impact on the online purchase decision as well as it helps to persuade 73% of people to purchase products or services from the websites.

Social media videos are just like normal videos that are built and shared on the social media platform. And these kinds of videos make easy social media integration so it will easily integrate with your social media feed on your website.

For showcasing your social media videos you just need to add the plugin on your website. And there are various video plugins available in the market. However for the best video plugins just go through the must-read a link that is provided below.

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6. Display Powerful Social Media Comments

The powerful user-created comments always help you to convert your visitors into the customers. And the social media comments help you to boost the relationship between you and your social media followers.

Moreover, you can use the WordPress Social Comments Plugin on your website. Using this plugin helps you to enable Facebook Comments, Disqus comments, and default WordPress Comments simultaneously.

disqus comment
It will also help you to generate more conversion rates on your website. Furthermore, it also generates the credibility of the comment. For instance, in the traditional comment form, anyone can put the fake name to comment on your blog. So, if someone comments from the Facebook account so it builds credibility and that is the reason people trust the comment.

Final Thought!

In this article, we explained the 6 powerful ways to integrate social media into your website. In addition to this, we also depict the reasons why social media integration is important on your website.

Generally, you will get more traffic on your website and make your brand image famous all over the globe. Apart from it, you can also reach your target audience with ease.

Still, if you have any doubts regarding the way of social media interaction, then feel free to contact us or let us know regarding this article. We always feel happy to help you out.

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