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What Is Social Media Wall? How To Use It For Events?

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Do you ever think to keep your audiences engaged at your event? Nowadays, everyone from wedding planners to corporate event planners has started to use social media walls to support their visitors with a wonderful way to interact at their events. So, do you want to build a swirl about your event that the public just can’t stop talking about? Or are you concerned about how to showcase digital signage for your brand or event in a truly wonderful way to your audience that they are urged to stop and have a glance?

Happily, the one answer to all your requirements for the marketing of your brand or event is just right here- A social media wall. It is the most popular and powerful means of marketing your event or showcasing digital signage for your brand at an event with an exponential top beyond your vision.

So, today here in this article, you will get a complete guide about what a social wall is, all the advantages, it carries along with its use. As well as how you can effectively use social media walls for your events.

Here, we suggest the amazing plugin for your event and that is Social Stream Designer- WordPress Plugin.

Without further ado, let us start with.

What is the Social Media Wall?

The social media wall also known as a social wall. It is a feed of combined live posts that are showcased on your website in the real world. Moreover, these posts are collected from various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and various others.

Here, social media feeds are pulled out by a particular hashtag. Moreover, the social media showcase wall refreshes automatically for gathering those latest posts and displaying them in a customizable manner on your WordPress website.

Social Media Wall
Furthermore, the social media wall is a tool that permits you to:

1. Combine the content from various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and many more.

2. Take care of the content you collect as well as mix it with your custom content.

3. Showcasing everything on a big screen, combine it in a live stream, or just sink it on your website like a social media feed.

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Where can you use Social Media Wall?

1. A Social Media Wall for Events

Social media walls are remarkable engaging tools that are used by event organizers generally. Moreover, they are highly popular for events like weddings, music concerts, corporate events, product launch, and many others. In addition to this, it also contains the latest updates as well as posts from each and every social media channel from the global followers of the brand or company.

Events use social media walls at more than one location in their venue, like the lobby area, hallways, food area, both sides of the stage, and various others. And, these social walls let the visitors know what they are missing and let them be updated with all the event information. It also enhances audience engagement towards your event.

Apart from this, Social media walls act as powerful tools for posting questions and replies, requesting recommendations in the event venue, reactions, likes and dislikes, contests, polls, and various other information.

2. A Social Media Wall for Offices

Step up your office with a social media wall. Entertain visitors, connect with your clients and stimulate interaction across different departments and offices. Empower your team by showcasing positive customer reviews on a big display.

3. A Social Media Wall for Restaurant

You can motivate your customers to share their experiences at your venue on social media by your hashtag. Moreover, you can also combine great feedback on a social wall and use this valuable user-generated content to boost revenue and attract more guests.

Furthermore, you can display social media walls in the central areas at your venue as well as embed it on your WordPress website.

Why do we use the Social Media Wall for an event in the first place?

The social media wall is the “recent era approach” to digitally attract visitors to your event. Moreover, there is no famine of reasons favoring the use of the social wall for the marketing of an event as well as brand endorsement.

Let us start with some reasons why to use a social wall for your next event.

(A) Present A Visual Footprint

The Social wall showcases visual user-generated content that power to attract visually to a plethora of customers. This creates a brilliant response and enhances your visual footprint.

Furthermore, the Social Wall is normally a star of the event. It is just like a great tech on display. It is the “Wall Of Fame” that everybody needs to get featured on. In addition to this, it encourages the visitors to post more about their experience, feedback as well as fun memories at the event on their social channels by your event hashtags.

This social sharing about your event boosts the marketing about your event on the World Wide Web.

So, it is an amazing marketing strategy as well. As it builds a “word of mouth” marketing for the event.

(B) Enhance Audience Engagement

It is really true that everyone loves to see himself or herself on a big screen. And if it has a wide public outreach then it is just like a cherry on the top. Well, the social media wall gives the perfect opportunity to the audience of an event, thus, enhancing their engagement in the event.

As well as this encourages the visitors to post more about your event and let other people know what they are missing out. That is the cascaded marketing benefits these social walls give to you. The visitors market for your event without even you paying them for doing so.

(C) Helps You Identify Your Target Audience

Identify Target Audience

A social wall permits you to know the preferences, likes, dislikes as well as identify audience behavior through the actual-time online feed. Moreover, it helps you to identify your target audience and approach them in a wonderful way.

After getting the above things into the mind, now it’s time to demonstrate “how you can use social media wall into your event”.

So let’s start with that,

How You Can Use The Social Media Wall For Your Events?

Social walls have various ways for a whole new world of digital showcases that provide live updates in a number of customizable manners, display sponsored content, engagement as well as event information.

1. Showcase User-Generated Content By Hashtags

The most wonderful way to use social media walls at events. Develop a unique hashtag provided to your event and whenever the visitors use it on their tweet or Facebook photo, it will automatically stream into the event wall screen. Moreover, an amazing thing is that whenever a visitor looks they have the chance for their around 15 seconds of fame on the big screen, they are going to do so fast!

2. Showcase Branded Content

If you are sharing a number of official updates throughout the event, social media walls are an amazing way to escalate the lifetime and reach of all your branded social media content using TV displays around the venue. You can connect to your Facebook page, Twitter feed, Instagram, as well as many others. So, your visitors will never miss an update while walking in the event. You can also share announcements, prize winners, next speaker in line, any others.

3. Interactive Wall Using Sponsor’s Content

If you want to offer your sponsors more compared to only digital signage during your event, then, you will offer them on the TV display or projector of all their Facebook posts, Instagram photos, tweets, Youtube videos, and many other things using a social media wall.

More attention guaranteed due to social media walls supports dynamic, interactive, social content for your events. Moreover, the wonderful way to also expose their content while giving your visitors an insight into what your sponsor’s share or talk about your events on social media.

Most importantly, showcasing sponsor’s content using Full-Screen Announcements also enhances your marketing campaign on your social channels.

4. Showcase Speakers’ Content

You can pick up some wonderful speakers lined up for your event. Get them into a Twitter List and connect that List into the social media wall. Moreover, you and your visitors will never miss a tweet your speakers are amazingly sharing with all.

Your speakers will be thankful to you as their social media accounts are discovered to thousands of people, which means to increase more followers for them.

5. Always Run a Social Questionnaires

Have panels and discussions during your next event? Rather than doing the archaic way of asking visitors to stand up and ask a question, tell them to tweet with your hashtag or @mention you on Twitter with their question. After that select your favorite ones and showcase them on a big screen with your social media wall.

Furthermore, it also permits you for quality questions to be answered and controlled by the mediator.
After clear with the basic information about the social media wall, it’s usages as well as how to use it. Now, it’s time to explain the top tools of the social media wall for events.

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The Top Social Media Tools For Events

These tools will help you with your event more familiar to visitors and help you to market your events all over the globe.
So, without wasting a moment, Let’s start with amazing Social Media Wall tools for your events.

1. Social Media Designer – WordPress Plugin

The Social Media Designer plugin provides 13 growing social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo, RSS, WordPress, Dribbble, Foursquare, SoundCloud and many others.

Moreover, it also supports 6 most famous layout styles like Grid, List, Horizontal Slider, Masonry, Timeline as well as Vertical Slider to create an amazing social media feed on your WordPress website.

Furthermore, this plugin provides different customization options just to you for styles and designs. And, surprisingly there are 40+ options available to customize your website.

2. Tagboard

The Tagboard works with hashtags to search public social content in seconds on Twitter as well as Facebook. In addition to this, the tool not just makes it possible to track your event hashtags, however, it also makes it easy to showcase the same photos and comments live into your event.

Apart from it, planners can curate every post that is the reason just the most relevant posts and images actually show up on your social media wall.

3. Sprinklr

The Sprinklr supports moderation, aggregation as well as for analytics on every social network platform. And it is balanced to keep rising its product as well as services offered.

Furthermore, Sprinklr is so adaptable Social media wall and that’s what makes it unique among the other products.

4. Eventifier

Just like the other products, Eventifier gathered event-related data from various social media streams. However, one thing makes Eventifier particularly powerful because it helps to build FOMO.

Moreover, Eventifer makes it smooth to collect data and repurpose it in the forthcoming years. And it is a great way that you can develop an experience that gets visitors to engage in the event. Afterward, you can repurpose the same conversation and photos to promote your upcoming events.

5. Tint

The Tint can showcase your social posts into your live events. Just imagine it as the air traffic control tower of your social media wisdom.

Furthermore, whatever you gathered from events will be redistributed back to your website, connected screens at other locations as well. It also helps in brand advertisements across the World Wide Web.

6) PresentersWall

The PresentersWall allows visitors to submit questions publicly for a speaker. Furthermore, you can select to moderate the feed manually, as well as you can leave it for the visitors to vote questions upwards and downwards.

In this particular way, every time the most popular questions get answered first.

Final Thought!

Today in this article we talked about what social media wall is, along with the benefits, usage that comes while using them in an event and how effectively you can use them for your events. In addition to this, in the end, we also suggest some tools just to you for Social Media Wall.

Still, If you have some doubts regarding the Social Media Wall then, feel free to drop a comment or let us know about it! We will be happy to help you!

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