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Social Media Wall & Its Never Ending Benefits

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Do you think you are lacking with the latest content published on your company website for the visitors? For this reason, you might feel there are not sufficient resources available in the market for content creation. But, don’t be upset.

The social media wall will help you to solve the challenge that you are facing related to the content of your website.

So, here in this blog, we explain to you the key benefits of a social media wall with detailed information as well as demonstrate how you can insert a social media wall on your WordPress site.

First of all, we need to understand what exactly a social media wall is.

What is a social media wall?

A social media wall concept is not that difficult to understand. A social media wall is an amazing way to engage customers and visitors with your brand or company by encouraging them to share posts that will display on the screen.

Social Media Wall
Moreover, it will bring together the content from different social media feeds in one place and showcase on the company websites, digital screens, smartphones, and various other digital services. The latest and fresh content on your company’s website will build your service vibrant. Also, it will help you to demonstrate that you are an expert in a particular field.

A social media wall contains two major things:

The first thing is a List of social feeds – It points out all content part of the social media wall. Each and every social feed is independent. But, collectively, the list of feeds is accountable for including the list of stories from various other social networks to a social media wall. It will cause a social media wall to amass the list of stories from multiple social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and various others.

The second thing is An administrator of the wall – People who insert and remove social feeds from the social wall. In addition to this, the administrator is responsible for configuring which joined posts should be showcased. And also remove unnecessary posts from the social media wall.

In addition to this, you have to select your target audience and know where that audience hangs out on social media. And you have these social media things to consider.

  • You have to make the schedule of posts mean amazing posts that feature your themes, users, your company team members, your social responsibility, and many more.
  • Also, monitor the user’s comments and feedback.
  • You have to find your company’s voice as well as whether it is working or not.


How does a social media wall work?

A social media wall will turn into classical advertising and promotions of your company’s brand or image.

Rather than investing massively in ads and creating materials that promote a product or service at a live event, a social media wall brings the responsibility of differentiating the word related to an event in real-time on the users or visitors.

If you think How? So the answer is by leveraging the whole world reach of social media platforms. A social media wall has both hardware and software components.

The hardware contains the digital signage exhibits and digital monitors which are displaying social media posts in real-time. In addition to this, it is powered by specialized collaborative software that maintains and controls the flow of social media posts.

After understanding these above points now let’s start with the benefits of a social media wall.

The major advantages of a social media wall:

The size and company play an important role. Let’s check out the major benefits of a social media wall are given below.


1. Create engagement and basic reach on social media

Various other individuals and friends including us, follow frequently update their status or share their activities on social media channel feeds. So, every day that is impossible for you to go through each and every latest content from everybody.

So as a result, social media channels prioritize the posts and photos for you that have the most engagement within the network. For instance, channels start with the posts that have the maximum shares likes, comments as well as reactions by the visitors.

Showing social media content on your digital services will encourage your visitors to share your posts with their near ones and dear ones, which will enhance your visibility and reach in social media channels. Moreover, the content will drive traffic to your social media accounts and inspire the audience to like and comment on your various posts that are displayed on the social media timeline of your social media accounts.

2. The number of followers boosts on social media accounts

Generally, most of the marketers demonstrate that one of the social media goals is to enhance the number of followers on social media channels. Moreover, displaying the amazing content from your social media channels on every digital service will boost the traffic to your social media accounts and enhance the number of followers and visitors.

In addition to this, traffic to your website comes from more than one source and just a fraction of your website audience are followers of your social media account.

A social wall is an awesome way to display all of your content in a single place. It will inspire your visitors to follow your forthcoming updates.

In this way, you just require individuals to go through your Facebook Page or Instagram account to build targeted advertising.

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3. Raise time spent on the website

As you grow the engagement and arrive at social channels, a social wall will enhance your website metrics as well!

Exciting and latest content will help you to make your website audience engaged for a long time and spend more and more time on your website and that will drive traffic to your various web pages like the product, service, and call-to-actions.

Most importantly, the longer time spent on the website will boost your Google search ranking and SEO.

4. Encourage conversions using social proof

A few years back, you apparently asked your friends and colleagues offline, if they had product recommendations whenever you were searching for some products or services. However, nowadays we more often rely on social media channels. Also, ask our online friends or search the newest posts and hashtags to find other users using what we are searching for.

Generally, we have trusted our friends & other customers’ feedback rather than the images uploaded by brands or companies. Moreover, asking your customers to share their feedback with a proper hashtag and controlling your account is a great way to assemble some authentic content to your social media wall.

Most individuals like to share their online positive experiences with others. It is a good way to promoting your branded hashtag on the website, social media channels, email marketing, and the physical spaces. It will encourage your users to give feedback on social channels.

Showcasing authentic experiences on your website may boost conversion rates of your website.

How can you insert a social media wall on your website?

It is really easy and fast to create a social media wall, here we explain some tips.

Set up social media feeds from different social media channels:

With the Social Stream Designer WordPress Plugin, you can set up content you would like to showcase on your website. Rather than choosing every piece of content one by one, nearly all Social Stream Designer plugin users set up automated feeds from 14 growing social networks as well as develop a mix of contents. In addition to this, Facebook and Instagram are the most powerful social networks. The list of supported social media feeds downwards the channels and kind of content that are available at that time.

Moreover, setting up an automated feed to assemble posts by hashtag, posts mentioning a specific username and posts published and specifying the social media account that takes less than just a minute.

Furthermore, the social stream designer provides 6 most popular layout styles such as Grid, List, Masonry, Horizontal Slider, Vertical Slider & Timeline to build an attractive social media feed on the website. Also, there are 40+ options available just for you to customize your WordPress website according to your needs.

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Final Thought

In this blog, we have explained in-depth information about what a social media wall is all about, the benefits, and how you can add a social media wall to your website. In addition to websites, various different organizations have digital screens to showcase the content at the workplace and in public spaces.

Lastly, a social media wall layout is an amazing option for digital displays as well. However, a slideshow format rotating the newest posts is usually more appropriate and engaging to users on your website.

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