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How To Do Content Amplification? [Top Strategies To Drive Traffic]

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Quality content is mandatory for driving more traffic and ranking higher on the search engine result page. It is essential to achieve your business goals. Some marketers disclose that generating organic traffic and lead is the biggest hurdle. Indeed, the best way is to use content amplification. Are you aware of the content amplification strategy? Let’s get to know.

It is a multichannel approach that defines the method for using different channels to promote your brand on the digital platform. Generally, marketers use content amplification to raise ROI. If you promote your brand using several channels, then, it will boost the possibility to reach your targeted audience.

Here, we will demonstrate some important tactics that help you to gain more traffic using content amplification. Let’s begin!

15 Unique Content Amplification Approaches To Drive More Traffic


1. Use Your Blog Posts To Drive Traffic

Generally, the blog post provides useful information to your customers. However, you can use a blog post to promote your brand. You can write a blog on the new product, how to use it, its advantages, and many other things. Apart from this, you can also write a guest post to boost traffic to your website.

If you launch a new product, then you can write a documentation-style blog that illustrates how to use the product. It is always great to update your blog with the latest information to gain more traffic. Because the search engines also give higher priority to the fresh content.

On the other hand, you can also write a guest post for another publication. Analyze publications that may have a target audience like yours. After that, you can ask them to contribute. The guest post provides you a distinct platform to promote your brand. If you link your information or add it in the post then it is called amplification.

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2. Generate Authoritative Backlinks

Providing a link is a great way of amplifying your content and generating links without breaching the guidelines of Google. You can apply as a contributor on an authority website and write a blog and link to an article you would like to collaborate with. Once you gain authority on the website, then you can interact with them for a quote to know their names present on a website with many visitors.


Additionally, you are required to be an impressive writer to become an important member of the contributor’s community. It is a lengthy process, but, if you plan well, then you will definitely get benefits out of it.

3. Reach Targeted Audiences Using Native Advertising

The Native ads are the best way to reach your targeted audience. It is a unique technique to amplify your content. The latest advertising statistics confirm that native ads are more eye-catching and trustworthy.

Moreover, native advertising can be beneficial for publishers, advertisers as well as customers. Consumers can enjoy a great flow of content using native ads. And, the advertisers also get higher engagement rates. Acquisio demonstrates that native ads receive approximately 53% more views compared to traditional ads.

4. Insert Using Paid Advertising

There are several paid ads to amplify your content. One of them is PPC (pay per click) advertising that bids on the keywords to boost ranking on the search engine result page. In addition to this, the blog post and the product page is a great place for this kind of ads.

Facebook Ads

Other than that social media also plays a better role in brand awareness. For instance, Facebook ads are a stunning method for retargeting your visitors. Facebook provides some personalization options and audience targeting to enhance the conversion.

5. Embed Social Media Feed On Your Website

Embedding a social media feed on your website is a great way to drive traffic. There are various social media plugins available to make it easy. But, we recommend you use the Social Stram Designer WordPress plugin on your website. The plugin allows you to embed your social media posts that amplify your website content.

This plugin helps you to integrate 14 growing social media feeds like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and many more on your website.

social stream designer

Furthermore, this plugin supports 6 most eminent layout styles. You can also customize design and style using 40+ customization options. It also supports social sharing buttons.

6. Use Social Media Buttons

The social media sharing buttons on your website help you to gain more links and share your on different social media networks you have your post. It also helps to enhance the credibility of your company. These social media buttons help to amplify your website or blog content.

The social media buttons help you to increase traffic, engagement as well as conversion on your website. Ultimately, it will make your brand eminent on the online market. If people love your blog content, then they easily share your content using social sharing buttons.

7. Amplify Your Content

Content amplification is a powerful technique that helps you to drive leads and sales from your online business. Moreover, content amplification is the process of helping your content to reach a wider audience. It is really essential to note that content amplification is not a single strategy, but it is a multi-approach technique.

The main goal of content amplification is to enhance your online business. It is a great and useful way to thank people to build a strong relationship.

8. Storytelling to enhance a Social Boost

Using your stories you can emotionally connect your targeted audience. It helps you to bring information to your visitors attractively and creatively. Storytelling is helpful to engage with your audience and increase your brand awareness on social media platforms as well.


Additionally, storytelling gives a new flavor and amplifies your content because it may feel personal. Because some sets of words make them special and appealing to your visitors. Most importantly, a great story will change your visitor’s perception of your business. You can also use images or graphics that help readers to visualize your stories.

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9. Use Niche Media Property

Niche marketing is an amazing advertising strategy that focuses on a unique target market. So, you can take the benefits of using niche marketing. This strategy focuses completely on a niche market, one group, or promising consumers who can gain the most benefit from this offering rather than marketing to all individuals.

A niche media permits you to directly engage with your targeted audience using content.

10. Stick Social Media Buttons

Sticking the social media buttons on the website page encourages the visitors to share the article to their social media channels. For that WPSticky is a good option. This plugin can turn any website element into a sticky one. It requires no coding knowledge, so it is perfect for beginners as well as pros. A sticky element can be created within minutes, and you can create as many as you need.


WP Sticky is compatible with all themes, plugins, and page builders. What’s more, PRO support is given to each and every plugin user.

11. Add Promotion Messages On Your Website

A promotional message is great for links earning using amplifying your content. Moreover, it can increase traffic and amplify your content by selecting an appropriate promotion type.

In addition to this, the promotion message can take the form of a website pop-up that displays a strong CTA, qualitative images, and a slider that justifies your message or an eye-catching headline with your content. Additionally, it is really important to integrate social buttons into your blog post.

12. Partnership with Influencers to Receive Links

It is important to collaborate with the influencers because they send an indication to your content and showcase it in a way that offers useful information. Your influencer marketing campaign always focuses on the advancement of your brand and amplifying your content to earn links.

Generally, influencers have a huge and engaged audience, so you can gain benefits when an influencer shares or mentions content. It helps you to gain more traffic on your website or post.

12. Turn Your Content Into A Guide

It is great that you have a blog with amazing content on your website. To reuse and rearrange that blog content, a website called to turn it into a guide for more brand awareness.

It builds a central place to insert and evolve all of your essential information, procedures, and practices. It also provides limited access to several stakeholders and publishes your existing website.

Guides get it easy to make the correct information to the right audience and keep them up-to-date. You can enhance your knowledge by including guides from a shared library of more than 8,000 guides, subscribe to channels from partners, and join the public center on topics you are concerned with.

13. Obtain Shareable Pieces From Your Content

A great blog helps you to gain more traffic and readers love to share it on different social media. But, very few online businesses take advantage of all of the content they provide.

You can build a list of eye-catching quotes and shareable pieces of information. In that, you can successfully mix and amplify your content distribution in an incredible single post. Individuals still refer to this kind of post.

14. Give Influencers Something of Real Value

You can say that influencers are known as real, trustworthy, knowledgeable, and honest. And, customers think that influencers do not lie to them about products just for making money. This is the key reason influencers can add proper value to your online brand. And, you can expect more when delivering real value to your influencers.

In addition to this, customers like the fact that influencers are sharing useful content and product suggestions with them. The Medium demonstrates that approximately 87% of consumers are inspired by influencers to buy a particular product.

15. Try Email Marketing to develop a Strong Community Within Your Brand

Last but not least, email marketing is a great strategy to gain traffic on your website. In addition to this, email marketing is more effective compared to social media.

The HubSpot study illustrates that 35% of marketers choose to send three-to-five emails per week to their customers in 2020. Email marketing can boost sales, generate new customers, and help in their retention.

Final Thought!

Content writing is amazing, but you have to amplify your content to make it more effective. We hope you enjoyed the 15 best lead generation strategies with content amplification.

It helps you to earn more links and enhance your online marketing. Follow these strategies explained above and gain more traffic on your blog or website.

If you have any doubts regarding these points, then, drop a comment below.

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