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Tips To Increase Your Social Media Engagement

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Social media is an important channel to make an eminent brand in the online market. It also helps you to strengthen your relationship with your customers. If you smartly engage your social media visitors, then, they may convert into your customers. In this way, you can also increase your product sales through social media engagement. However, the number of companies have failed with their social media marketing due to feeble strategies.

Here, in this article, we will explain 15 powerful social media engagement tips with an additional bonus tip. Let’s begin!


1. Develop Emotional and Engaging Headlines

You have to put your best efforts into crafting the best headline of your post. The headline you use will decide whether people read your post, subscribe, or purchase products from your website or not.
Indeed, 8 out of 10 people like to read only headlines. If your headline is not appealing well to your followers then, it doesn’t matter how good content you write in the description.


A powerful headline is always straight to the point of your content. Moreover, you can use adjectives like valuable, stunning, useful, important, and many more. Perhaps, these words can gain your visitor’s attention towards your social media post.

2. Post Attractive Content

Once you are done with an engaging headline, another important thing is the proper content on your post. You need to create content that individuals can involve with it.

Most importantly, select the content that will drive emotion and gain a positive response from the viewers. And, the positive reaction helps you to receive more engagement towards your social media post.

3. Prompt your Reactions With Emoji

On your post, you can add emojis that give your followers a hint of your feelings. Sometimes with the textual data, you do not illustrate the clear indication of your tone. For instance, if you are sharing a joke on your post, then laughing emoji set the entertaining reaction that you are looking for. Importantly, you should always make sure that a particular emoji is well fit with your brand.


The OPUSFidelis demonstrates that emojis can help you to boost social media engagement. Every emojis can raise the engagement in a different amount. The smiley face can enhance interaction by 25% than the normal textual data.

4. Add Appropriate Images in Every Post

Visual content is one of the most essential things to catch the attention of readers and enhance social media engagement. Generally, relevant images draw the visitor’s attention to your different social media posts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more.

According to Buffer studies, tweets with images will gain 150% more retweets compared to without including images in the tweets. However, another study found that photos can drive to 85% interaction on Facebook. Whenever you are developing images to share on your post make sure you are aware of the platform’s technical rules.

5. Insert Hashtags

A hashtag is an important part to reach the target audience when it comes to promoting your brand on social media. A hashtag is a technique to make your content noticeable. When you use hashtags perfectly, it can help individuals to find what you are developing and help them for expanding your brand. The Twitter social media platform discovered that companies that use hashtags can gain a 50 percent increase in engagement rather than those who do not use it.


You can put a hashtag in front of the message. You can also add capital letters at the start of each word, so people can easily understand your message. Make sure your hashtag is catchy and straightforward. In addition to this, do not insert a hashtag in each of your posts. But, use appropriately when it is required and adds value as well as engagement on your post.

6. Use Memes and GIFs

Memes and GIFs are the most popular and low-cost way to develop attractive content for your social media followers. GIFS and memes are likely to be very funny. And, humor is a great way to get more customers on their website.

Before using memes and GIFs, always make sure they are suitable for your post content.

7. Broadcast a Live Video on Your Social Media

Live videos are more authentic and appealing to increase the trustworthiness of any online business. Whenever viewers watch the live video then they make a quick purchase decision for a particular product. The live video adds more involvement in social media rather than a simple video.

live video

In addition to this, after completing a live video, do not forget to edit highlights and share them separately. It is a great way to know other people as well, who could not present in your live video.

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8. Add Feedback and Review

From your loyal customers, positive feedback and reviews are important to bring several other customers. You can add their reviews and feedback on your WordPress website to motivate your visitors for purchasing your products.


One study illustrates that around 90% of consumers like to read 5 to 10 product reviews before trusting the particular brand. Approximately 68% of buyers will decide whether to use a product or service after going through 1 to 6 reviews. You can showcase your positive product reviews on various social media platforms as well.

9. Share a Remarkable statistic

The best way to gain an individual’s attention is by sharing facts or statistical data that they did not know about. Proper statics help your company to boost social media engagement. You can add many things related to your company or your customer’s interest in your statistical presentation. Apart from this, you can also use statistical data to bring your social media followers towards your website.

The most important thing is to use statistical data to build the interest of your audience. And, also analyze your social media follower’s comments related to it.

10. Ask a Question

Asking a question is a powerful way to increase engagement with social media followers. For instance, you can post by comparing two products and ask questions like which one is better? or which one do you like to use? and many more. So, you can get many comments on your post.

11. Increase Posting Frequency

It is essential to stay at the top of social media posting because an outdated profile is not worth your brand. On your social media platform, you can create a single or more than one post on the daily basis. And, keep the schedule of your post consistent, so the audience can always be in touch with your post content. You can also try the scheduling post tool like Sprout Social to make you online and on track.

sprout social

12. Brand Personas

The brand persona is a personality lead with your brand. For instance, some brands are connected with the young generation, however, the other companies like to connect with the older age group. It is really important for targeting a proper age group to build your social personality and brand voice.

13. Motivate Visitors to Like, Comment, and Share your Post

Whenever you are creating any post insert a call to action button at the end of it. You can also motivate your visitors to like, comment, and share with their family members and friends. It will enhance your social media engagement. Probably, it also helps you to increase more followers on your social media account.

14. Respond to All Comments

Replying to comments on social media is an easy task. And, to boost social media engagement, you also need to be social. Whenever visitors leave a comment on your post then they are providing the opportunity to talk with them. Moreover, to successfully promote your products on social media you have to fully control your comments.

Most importantly, whether it is a positive or negative comment, you have to respond to it. You can showcase gratitude for the positive comment and give some suggestions to negative responses.

15. Run Contests and Giveaways

Last but not least, running contests and giveaways on your social media platforms help you to boost engagement. You can also inspire people to take some action and visit a certain product page of your website. You can also offer a prize to the winner. So, more people are likely to indulge in your contests.

For that, you can also use some online tools like Rafflecopter. It makes it simple to launch and control giveaways for your brand on any website and social media platforms.


Bonus Tip:

Embed Social media on Your Website

There are various ways to embed social media on your website. And, one of the best ways is using social media plugins. We recommend you to use the Social Stream Designer WordPress plugin for increasing engagement on your website. This plugin permits you to integrate your social media feed on your website from 14 social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, WordPress, and many more.

social stream designer

This amazing WordPress plugin helps you to easily develop a stunning responsive social media wall on your website or blog in a few minutes. Additionally, it provides 6 most eminent layout styles like Grid, List, Horizontal Slider, Vertical Slider, and many more. The plugin also provides 40+ customization options for styling and designing.

Final Statement

Apply these strategies on your website to increase social media engagement and increase your brand awareness. Moreover, these strategies will make your social media campaign more effective and lead to a rearrangement of social media goals.

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