How To Increase Social Media Presence?

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Approximately 3.5 social media users available all over the globe. Establishing social media presence on your website plays a bigger role to boost your business growth. Plus, it not only builds your brand but will help you to create a strong connection and trust with your consumers. Social media preference can also connect with your client on a personal level in a single environment where you can share a common interest. Do you know how you can increase social media presence?

Here, we have explained the best ways to build a great social media presence to enhance your customer service, permit you to communicate with consumers, help you to engage your audience, and drive organic traffic to your website. Ultimately, it will make your brand more prominent through social media presence.

Let’s get started, without any further ado.


1. Select the Correct Social Media Platforms

Social media is a powerful and effective marketing method. On the other hand, not all social media channels create the same impact on your audience. Every platform has its specific set of users with their own mannerisms and the way they interact with content.

Carefully create a strategy about where you spend your time and resources. Rather than utilizing your time across multiple networks, focus on searching for the best social media platforms that fulfill your business needs.

You can use the Social Stream Designer WordPress plugin to integrate your social media feed on your website from several platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and many more. You can also create multiple social streams into a single feed.

social stream designer

Here, you can select the best social media network that best suits your business requirement. The plugin also provides 40+ customization options for styling and designing.

2. Identify Your Audience

It is important to spend time looking at your audience personas, understanding their challenges, and which brands they already like on social media.

Identify Target Audience

The competitive analysis can help you understand how your own social media presence can stand out from your competitors.

3. Set Appropriate Goals

Being active on a social media platform has various benefits for business that achieves several things with your social presence, such as performing customer service, engaging consumers, raising targeting audience, boosting leads, increasing sales, gaining important feedback, and many more.

On the other hand, in order to achieve it successfully, you must have a goal in mind that you can work to get success. For that, you will require to develop a powerful strategy. Importantly, you should set goals that are measurable, achievable, specific as well as relevant.

Your techniques for uplifting sales, for instance, will be different from your approach if you needed to enhance your customer service offering. In short, it is important to know what you want to achieve from your online business.

4. Come up with a Strategy

Once you know what you want to achieve, you have to come up with a strategy to get that. A goal for enhancing your social media presence is good, but it is just the starting part.

You can start by designating individuals who will be part of the social media team and clearly divide their roles as well as responsibilities, so everyone knows what is expected.

Furthermore, you can also determine the frequency of your posting. For that, you may create a content calendar that will help you to plan posts and ensure that you do not miss a single day to post your content.

5. Seek Relationships, Not Just Followers

The reputation of social media also enhances relationships with the customer because it builds an environment that makes it really easy for consumers to interact with various online companies, and it motivates interactions with the customers who previously avoided it.

The great thing about social media is that you can form relationships in a moment with followers at any time anywhere. You can always @mention the person you reference in your social media posts. Apart from this, respond when people @mention you or share your content. Most importantly, do not just Retweet and Like the content of other people, but reply with a comment to begin a conversation.

6. Select Tools to Schedule and Automate Posts

Social media platforms take time and dedication to staying frequently active on it. However, there are a plethora of automation tools available that helps you to publish and schedule your posts in advance.

The different tools include Sprout Social, Hootsuite, MeetEdgar, BuzzSumo, and many others may save you precious time by permitting you to plan as well as schedule several posts at once. Moreover, these tools also make it easier for you to monitor your networks and respond to messages as quickly as possible.

7. Develop Content Followers Really Want to See

If you want to come out on the desired social media platform, then you can not just post the content that everyone is posting. For that, you need to be creative.

There are various people here on social media, so properly make your content to break through it. Always trying to make your content unique and eye-catching helps you to gain more traffic and followers. Importantly, consider your followers in your mind when you are developing your content.

8. Stay Active

Staying active on social media is the best way to reach your targeted audience. Organizing social scheduling and automating, it will save your precious time. Moreover, using scheduling tools, you can post the content without any hassle.

You can select the best suite and prioritize your social media networks depending on your audience. With this, you can maximize your social media engagement.

The brand always gets newsworthy by breaking new and trending hashtags. It is a wonderful opportunity to update with the latest trends and show your brand personality with the different social media platforms. Individuals easily got trending information from social media by following you.

In addition to this, trending news always grabs follower attention.

10. Engage Your Followers in Significant Ways on Your Social Media

Without any doubt, content is always critical on social media. It is not worth it to just post the content and walk away. Social media is all about building connections and engagement. With an appropriate engagement, you can win the trust of your audience and increase the followers.

Social Media

Sharing appropriate user-developed content and commenting on the post is a great way to start participating in conversion on social media.

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11. Decrease the Time You Spend on Promoting

Despite using social media as an active promotional platform, it is great to use it for engagement as well as communication.

Even the practice of social media selling is becoming significantly popular among salespeople and marketers. However, the real process of using social networks to gain business growth is different from what most individuals are used to.

12. Keep a Constant Presence

Generally, social media always needs your time and patience to propagate a positive presence. With the correct automation of social media tools, you can reduce the time you will have to dedicate to social media. Still, it will need at least 10 to 15 minutes to analyze your social media channels and reply to questions and increase engagement.

The frequency of posting on appropriate social media channels is relay on the platform you’re using.

13. Use the Correct Metrics to Monitor Your Social Media Progress

Social media presence is significantly increasing all the time, particularly on the top websites such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many more. It is not effective to have a presence on each social media network but, it is a better strategy to define your social media goals, your followers and pick the specific social media platforms that are correct for you depending on the factors. It is important to know the specific social media channel and a metric to gain organic traffic on your website.

There are many resources you can rely on for metrics, including Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, and page insights, Sprout Social, LinkedIn company pages report, Keyhole, Twitter analytics, and keyword reports, Buffer, and BuzzSumo.

Google Analytics

However, there are a plethora of automation tools available that helps you to publish and schedule your posts in advance.

Final Verdicts!

We hope this article helps you to create a better social media presence for your online brand. In addition to this, a solid social media strategy can boost growth for your business by promoting stable and trustworthy relationships with followers. Developing a social media relationship and presence has several advantages to discuss your online business with your followers.

Importantly, any tips or ways that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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