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Best Instagram Gallery WordPress Plugins

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Instagram is the fastest growing social media network having 1 billion monthly users activation worldwide. The Instagram photos are more appealing and vibrant compared to the normal website photos. Perhaps, it will add a touch of emotion to your brand.

When you embed a feed, it will enhance brand authenticity, drive traffic, increase brand trust, and showcase social media proof on your website. Displaying an Instagram feed gallery helps you to enhance your social media reach and boost conversion on your website. Moreover, it will also help to hike your consumer base.

So, if you are looking for an Instagram feed gallery plugin for your WordPress website then you are at the right place.

Here, we have explained the 10 best Instagram gallery WordPress plugins. These plugins will help you to boost engagement because people may stay longer to look at photos.


1. Social Stream Designer

The Social Stream Designer is a powerful WordPress plugin that helps you to integrate social media feed on your website. The plugin used to get content from several social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and many more. It provides you a stunning responsive gallery wall on your website.

Furthermore, this plugin supports 6 well-known layout styles such as grid, masonry, list, horizontal slider, vertical slider, and timeline to create an eye-catching social media feed on your website. In addition to this, the plugin provides more than 40 customization options for styling and designing.

Importantly, this plugin does not collect any data from the website visitor because of GDPR compatibility.

  • Price – $29
  • Rating – 4.6 out of 5 star
  • WordPress Version – 4.7.x and Above
  • Latest Update – 27 August 2020

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2. Grace Instagram Feed Gallery

The Grace Instagram Feed Gallery WordPress plugin helps you to create wonderful Instagram feed media galleries and widgets of Instagram posts. The plugin permits you to integrate posts on Instagram, hashtag, and location. Also, you can merge any Instagram feeds in the same custom gallery or widget.

This plugin permits your visitors to share your post without leaving your website. Apart from this, the plugin has beautiful animation and hover effects for your gallery.

  • Price – $19
  • Rating – 4.39 out of 5 star
  • WordPress Version – 4.0 and Above
  • Latest Update – 06 August 2020

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3. InstaShow Instagram Feed

The InstaShow is a great WordPress Instagram feed plugin for developing eye-catching galleries on Instagram images. The plugin provides 60+ adaptive parameters and 10 color schemes to adjust the Instagram galleries as per your requirements.

You can use this fully responsive and mobile-friendly WordPress plugin to gain the attention of your website visitors. With the built-in live shortcode generator, you can set up an Instagram feed as soon as possible.

  • Price – $59
  • Rating – 4.83 out of 5 star
  • WordPress Version – 4.5 and Above
  • Latest Update – 22 September 2020

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4. Instagram Gallery With Carousel

The Instagram Gallery With Carousel is a responsive WordPress plugin. It supports three grid styles, like a post, list, and social stream.

In addition to this, the plugin supports 1 to 5 columns layout. You can also select a custom background color and hover background color for your gallery. Apart from this, the plugin 60+animation effects to make your gallery more attractive.

  • Price – $19
  • Rating – 4.8 out of 5 star
  • WordPress Version – 4.3.1 and Above
  • Latest Update – 10 July 2020

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5. inGallery Instagram Feed

The inGallery is a flexible WordPress plugin that permits you to showcase any Instagram media on your website gallery. You can organize your gallery media content into an album that helps you to showcase better Instagram content to your visitors. Apart from this, it also supports two pre-built layouts like a grid and carousel for creating stunning Instagram galleries.

The plugin supports visual builders to create and manage gallery style and make a perfect match for your brand identity. It also provides 5 built-in styles to preview images.

  • Price – $25
  • Rating – 4.91 out of 5 star
  • WordPress Version – 4.1 and Above
  • Latest Update – 09 October 2020

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6. Awesome Gallery

The Awesome Gallery WordPress plugin helps you to develop great appealing galleries using images from various sources such as Instagram, Facebook, Flicker, and many more. The plugin supports three layout modes like horizontal flow, vertical flow, and classic grid.

Moreover, the plugin supports 10 styles presets, unlimited color, and many options, including custom CSS. The plugin provides a quick and powerful built-in lightbox feature.

  • Price – $26
  • Rating – 4.42 out of 5 star
  • WordPress Version – 4.4 and Above
  • Latest Update – 13 October 2020

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7. Flow-Flow

The Flow-Flow is a premium WordPress plugin that permits you to develop an eye-catching WordPress gallery and widget of social media feed. For instance, you can add a custom Instagram feed, Facebook feed, and Twitter feed in a single gallery. It supports 40+ different feed types.

This plugin also helps you integrate user-generated content from different sources is a wonderful way to add social proof to your website and increase your brand preference. Ultimately, it will boost the revenue of your store.

The plugin is GDPR compatible so, it will not collect any data from website visitors. The plugin is fully responsive and highly customizable and works great with smartphones as well.

  • Price – $39
  • Rating – 4.72 out of 5 star
  • WordPress Version – 3.8 and Above
  • Latest Update – 25 October 2020

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8. Instagram Journal

The Instagram Journal is a versatile WordPress plugin that truly leverages the full power of the Instagram API. You can showcase everything like your photos, the photos you liked, photos with particular hashtags, photos of your friend’s account, and many more. This plugin has 100+ customization options and effective video tutorials.

In addition to this, the plugin is fully responsive and retina ready so, it will look great in any screen size. The plugin provides amazing options that impress your users with attractive special effects as well as transition.

  • Price – $20
  • Rating – 4.36 out of 5 star
  • WordPress Version – 3.5 and Above
  • Latest Update – 05 August 2020

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9. AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro

The AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro is a wonderful WordPress plugin to help you to showcase Instagram feeds on your website with desired layouts. It is a great plugin to display your Instagram feeds and increase your network. Moreover, you can also use a shortcode or widget to showcase your Instagram feed on your website in your required location.

The plugin supports 15 layouts to select from. And, for every layout, the dynamic configuration is also available. This plugin is translation ready and provides cross-browser compatibility.

  • Price – $17
  • Rating – 3.95 out of 5 star
  • WordPress Version – 4.6 and Above
  • Latest Update – 08 October 2020

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10. AX Social Stream

The AX Social Stream is a great WordPress plugin that provides you an easy way to merge all your social media activities into a single stream and showcase it on the website. It supports 14 growing social media networks and has 29 feed options. You can develop eye-catching social media feeds using multiple social media pages, groups, and accounts with multiple feed options. The plugin also supports 8 different layouts, such as Grid, Carousel, Timeline, Wall, Sticky Rotating Feed, etc.

In this plugin, you can alter the style of your social stream with the use of theme manager and custom CSS stylesheets and make it unique on your website. Importantly, you can even filter your social stream by the social network or using search phrases. Apart from this, the plugin is fully responsive and enables you to use the mobile-friendly website.

  • Price – $24
  • Rating – 4.73 out of 5 star
  • WordPress Version – 5.0.x and Above
  • Latest Update – 30 September 2020

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Final Verdict!

That’s all! We hope this article helps you to find the top Instagram gallery WordPress plugins to showcase Instagram images and videos on your website. So, wisely choose the best Instagram gallery WordPress plugins that best suits your online business requirements. These plugins increase more traffic and visitor engagement to your website by showcasing an eye-catching Instagram gallery.

Still, if you have any doubts regarding Instagram gallery WordPress plugins, or you feel we miss any other important Instagram plugin in our collection, then please let us know in the comment section below.

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